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Electric Forest 2024

"Visions of Me"

We will install multiple layers of neon spandex high in the trees* to create texture & depth, which will be uplit by multicolor outdoor lighting. In the center, we will add an optical illusion of projection mapping onto mesh. We will create different kinds of flowing and abstract animations that will capture the viewers attention from farther away. Once they come a bit closer... 

There will be added input from a localized camera to allow the viewers to become the installation in real time!  Festivalgoers can dance and be silly, or just gaze into the camera while it projects them onto the mesh. Their image will be mixed into the animations to create new and ongoing visuals.


*All attachments on trees will be done in a manner that will not harm the trees! We have used methods with ratchet straps, bungees, and other safe materials in the past that did not leave a mark when taken down.

Previous Festival Work

Projection mapping collaboration between CWS (us) and well-known artist Chris Dyer! He live painted this Cadillac, and once he was finished we created the projections on the spot.

A commissioned art installation whose requested theme was "Burning The Box That Defines You". We built, painted, and projection mapped a hollow box, where we invited festival goers to write what is holding them back on the inside. We then burned the entire installation down to allow them to be free of what they wrote. 

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